1st Class Seomra Bán

Hi All,

As usual it’s been a busy time Seomra Bán in the run up to the Easter holidays. We were learning about Spring and the changes this season brings. One of the exciting things we did while learning about Spring was plant beetroot seeds in little pots. Our plan is to transplant them into the school gardens when they are ready. Fingers crossed we will have some brilliant beetroot in the weeks to come.

We also explored the new life that is born during this season and learned about what both new animals and plants need to thrive and grow. After Easter we will be focusing on life on the farm and so this gave us a good base from which to start from as we discussed lots of the animals that start their life on the farm.

To link to our theme of spring in art we made baby chicks, showing them cracking out of their eggs just in time to celebrate Easter. Previous to this we used our getting along skills during our art lessons to work in small groups to produce posters inspired by James Rizzi Skyscrapers. We really enjoyed this as they are so colourful and full of expression. It’s amazing what we can do together when we use are getting along skills.





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