1st Class Seomra Bán

We have had a busy few weeks here in Seomra Bán.  We have gone back in time to a prehistoric age to learn about dinosaurs.  Our classroom walls have become home to wonderful colourful silhouettes of all sorts of interesting dinosaurs with the favourite being the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

We learned a funny poem called ‘The Angry Dinosaur’ and then created and acted out our own “dino dramas”.  It was a ROARING success!!

This month we also learned about the importance of recycling and how we all play our part. We came up with lots of ways how we can reduce, reuse and recycle in our own homes and classrooms.

We imagined that we were working in a recycling centre and examined what things we use every day that could be recycled. We are lucky to have some recycling experts who know exactly what goes in each coloured bin!!

In Maths, we have been having great fun learning about Capacity, the amount of space in a hollow container.  The children filled various household items such as pots and pans with water and rice. The children first made estimates on how much they believed each container could hold before we got the exact measurement.  They really enjoyed the the exercise and we definitely have some budding engineers.




IMG_0485    IMG_0488