3rd Class Seomra Iseult

Seomra Iseult has been very busy over the last couple of months. We learned all about the 1916 Rising. We have made projects and learned songs and poems in preparation for the 1916 centenary celebrations.

We had a great time during Seachtaine Gaeilge. We went on a nature walk where we had to fill out an information sheet all in Irish. We had an Irish language break were children from the older classes went to younger classes to teach them a song and some interesting phrases. We had a big céile in the hall where we did a few Irish dances, it was great fun!!

We have been really luck to have Ms. Dunne teaching us for a couple of weeks and she has done some really interesting things with us. We learned all about mini-beasts and even tried to spot some in the grass on a nature walk. We made really cool paintings inspired by the Indian Banyan tree. We also learned all about the River Liffey in Geography.