3rd Seomra Setanta

So far, it has been a very busy few weeks in 3rd class Seomra Setanta. We have been learning many new and interesting things. In English, we learned all about ‘recount writing’ and we had some opportunities to write our own recounts and read them aloud to the rest of the class. Many of us wrote about the exciting things we did on our summer holidays. One student travelled all the way to New York City! How exciting!

We went on a nature walk with the other two third class groups and gathered some beautiful autumn leaves. Back in the classroom, we looked at the various colours on our leaves, drew them and mixed paints to achieve the correct colours before painting on our drawings. We have these leaves stuck up on our window and our classroom looks very beautiful as a result!

In Science, we investigated fingerprints. This was so much fun! We explored our own prints using pencils and sellotape. By rubbing our fingers on pencil and then sticking tape onto our fingers, we could see quite clearly the different shapes of each of our fingerprints when we removed the sellotape and stuck it down to white paper. All of our fingerprints are now stuck up on our classroom door. It looks great! Overall, we’ve had so much fun in 3rd class Seomra Setanta and we are excited about the rest of the academic year!