5th Class Seomra Chloigín Gorm

We’ve had a very busy start to the new year in 5th class. Before the holidays we were learning how to knit. We all  really enjoyed it and some of us even knitted presents for our families and friends.

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Since we came back we have been learning all about what life was like in ancient Egypt. We have researched and designed projects on daily Egyptian life, the Pyramids, Egyptian Gods, Pharaohs, Tutankhamen and hieroglyphics, which was the system of writing they used. We also used clay to engrave and paint our initials in hieroglyphics. We really enjoyed learning all about ancient Egypt and discovered some very  interesting facts. We learnt that the ancient Egyptian civilisation lasted for more than 3000 years, longer than any other civilisation in human history.  We also learnt that the ancient Egyptians are famous for the building of the Pyramids. The pyramids were built as the burial places of the Egyptian kings.

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We also had great fun in science this month learning about mixtures and solutions. We carried out the Lava Lamp experiment to show how oil and water do not mix so the molecules of the oil pull together when salt is added to form bubbles.

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This week we began our reading buddies with Mr. Quilty’s senior Infant class. We really enjoyed reading to the younger boys and girls and it was very interesting to chat with them about the story we had read. We were very impressed with their excellent reading skills. We are looking forward to continuing this with them for the rest of the year.

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