5th class Seomra Plúirín Sneachta Dec blog

Over the past five weeks in our class, we have been learning a lot of things: For example, in maths, we’ve been learning about fractions, decimals, division and multiplying.  After maths, we usually have lunch and if we don’t have a long maths lesson we do English.  In English we have done nouns, synonyms and now we are writing reports.  When we come in from yard we usually do daily 5.  In daily 5 there are 5 different groups.  The activities are reading aloud, reading silently, dictionary work, grammar tasks or free writing.  However on Thursday, we do art after yard.  After that we do more English or S.E.S.E.  We are currently learning about the Solar System!  Finally, we do Gaeilge.  In Gaeilge we play a game whereby the teacher picks a person and asks them a question.  They have to answer the question correctly and then pick another person to ask another question, and so on.  After this, we sometimes read Beal Beo and answer questions.

We can do all these things because we have the best teacher!


Written by Agne