6th Class Seomra Rós

We have been busy here in Seomra Rós! In Mathematics, we revised long division and progressed our learning by introducing decimals. We now know how to divide by decimals– so I can divide your money for you, no problem!
We also completed our persuasive essays on “All children should have homework every night.” Needless to say, the debate got quite heated and Ms Carey was surprised to see the majority of the class agreed with the statement!!
I nGaeilge, chuamar go dtí “an bialann” (sa seomra ranga) agus bhíomar ag ordú bia. Rinneamar ár mbiachlár féin chomh maith. Bhí réimse leathan rogha ann i gcomhair reamhchúrsa, príomhchúrsa agus milseog.
(In Irish, we went to a restaurant (in the classroom) and we were ordering food. We made our own menus too. There was a wide variety of choices for starters, mains and dessert)
We commenced our learning about The Great Irish Famine (An Ghórta Mór). We learned all about the coffin ships, black ’47, workhouses and we even seen a photograph of a potato that had blight disease (not very appetising!!) During Drama, we got the chance to see what it must have been like to live during the Great Famine, some of us adapted to the role of cooks in the soup kitchen or to a family member trying to get into the workhouses or to a person working in the workhouses.
For Science, we brought in some food packets to look at the nutritional values of different foods and to see which foods contain our main nutrients; Carbohydrates (gives us energy), protein (repairs muscle), fibre, water, vitamins and minerals. In keeping with our theme of food, we brought in some fruit and painted fruit baskets from observation.