A shock in 4th Class!

This week in 4th class we have been learning about advances in technology, especially about Electricity. We talked about 2 different types of electricity, current and static. Current electricity comes from a source, like a battery or a plug (mains), while static electricity builds up on the surface of a material. We conducted a small experiment about static electricity where we rubbed our pens on our jumpers. The pen was then able to pick up little bit of paper because of the static electricity that built up. Some children found they got even more static electricity by rubbing the pens in their hair!

In Maths, we have been learning all about fractions. It has been tricky work, but with persistence and lots of practice using our fraction walls, we are improving every day.

This week was the start of our Cycling Safety Training. Our instructor came into class this week and told us all about the checks we have to do before we start go cycling. Those checks are:

  • Helmet Check
  • Clothes Check
  • Bike Check

We can’t wait to get out practising on our bikes next week!

This week we were very lucky to attend a musical that was staged in Scoil Setanta. The musical was called “High School Musical” and we really loved the songs and dances in it. Some of us hope that we can be in the musical when we get to Scoil Setanta……although we’re not sure about being involved in any of the kissing scenes…ewww!!!!