Art Attack Club

Many students in 1st and 2nd class had fun creating wonderful pieces of art together in Art Attack Club last term. The teachers were so impressed with their fantastic ideas!

We have been very busy in Art Attack Club since we came back to school! The students created their very own Monsters today using lots of different coloured paper! They really enjoyed adding different features to their monsters. For example, eyes, ears, hair, spots, teeth and even some students had fire coming out of their monsters mouth! Every monster was unique!

Have a look at the all the artwork we have done in the images below! We are looking forward to creating lots more artwork together this term!

Monsters AutoCollage


IMG_2148 IMG_2150DSCF1180 IMG_2244 IMG_2305 IMG_2613 IMG_2829 IMG_2883   IMG_2978IMG_2975IMG_2977