Author’s Visit

Famous author Brian Gallagher visited the school last Friday to speak to the 6th class students about his latest book. Brian has written many historical Novels including ‘Across the Divide.’ His latest novel is entitled ‘Friend or Foe’. Brian spoke to the 6th class pupils about what life is like being an author. He told the students that they need to be very organised and persistent when working as an author and that every bad thing that happens in the world can be made into a story. Brian read the first chapter of his book to the students and then the students had a chance to ask questions like “What inspired you to become an author?”, “Where do you get your ideas from?” and one interested boy asked “How much money do authors make?”. Brian gave great time to answering our questions. He presented the school with a signed poster and bookmarks for each student in 6th class. We hope that some of the boys and girls will be inspired to becoming great authors.