Bright Sparks in Seomra Dheirdre!

In preparation for Science Week, Seomra Dheirdre have been studying electricity. We began by listing appliances we might have at home. Appliances are electrical devices, usually found at home such as toasters, dishwashers, TVs, washing machines, microwaves, cookers, etc. Importantly, all these devices need electricity to work.

Many of these appliances work by passing electricity around what is known as a circuit. As part of our investigations, we conducted an experiment to create a simple circuit.

Our Experiment 

In our circuit, we used an AA size battery, a small bulb and a 4cm strip of tinfoil. We broke our experiment into the following steps:

Step 1: Touch the metal part at the bottom of the bulb to the metal part at the top of the battery.

Step 2: Run the strip of tinfoil from the bottom of the battery to the metal part of the bulb.

Step 3: Touch the tinfoil to the metal part of the bulb.

Result: The bulb lights. This is because the tinfoil acts like a switch, completing the circuit allowing electricity to flow through the light.


Other Observations

We noted that pressing the bulb harder against the tinfoil would result in the bulb being brighter when light. Also, we discovered that you could light the bulb by having the battery upside down (having the bulb touch the bottom of the battery and running the tinfoil from the top).

If you’re about school on Science Day (Thursday 26th), then why not drop by our room and have a go at making a circuit yourself?