Final Blog from Seomra Oráiste

There has been a lot happening in Seomra Oráiste over the past few weeks.

We read the story “The Bad-Tempered Ladybird” by Eric Carle in English. We learned all about minibeasts in science – ladybirds, spiders, ants, snails, caterpillars, beetles and so many more! We even went on a “minibeast hunt”!

DSCF1955   DSCF1956

DSCF1963 DSCF1966

DSCF1974  DSCF1975

Look what we found!

DSCF1958   DSCF1971

In art, we made beautiful gardens and filled them up with minibeasts. Do you like them?

IMAG0839   IMAG0843



As it was also Intercultural Week in Scoil Ghráinne we learned about the African country Kenya. We know it is very hot there and many interesting animals live there, like the lion and the elephant. We also learned about the Masai Warriors and their jumping dance.

We got all dressed up in our own national colours and costume for Intercultural day. Don’t we look nice!

IMAG0818    IMAG0823 IMAG0831 IMAG0836

We are very excited about the upcoming summer holidays. We hope you enjoyed all of our blogs this year! Slán ó Seomra Oráiste!