First Class Reading

This year in first class all of the boys and girls have been working really hard at their reading. Every week they have been taking a book home with them to practice reading at home. We use the same book in school to practice reading fluently, accurately and also to practice understanding what they are reading. Each child has a different focus to help to improve their reading.

Fluency: The child will re-read books at a level that they find easy in order to increase the speed at which they read. We should be able to read at the same speed at which we speak. When doing this they need to pay extra attention to full stops (pause and take a breath) and they also try to read with expression (also changing their voice to indicate that somebody is talking).

Accuracy: The child may need to use his/her finger to track their reading to stop them from leaving out words. They may need to slow down when words are difficult and use some of their reading strategies e.g. Stretchy Snake, Eagle Eye, Chunky Monkey, Tryin’ Lion, Skippy Frog or Flippy Dolphin. The children need to remember to read the whole word and make sure not to leave out the last letter.

Comprehension: The children take time before reading to make predictions as to what they think might happen in the book, while reading they ask themselves questions, they make connections (connections to a book they might have read before or to something/somewhere that they may have been before or to something they may have seen on TV) and they also visualise (they make a video or picture in their heads of what is happening as they read)

The boys and girls in First Class have made HUGE improvements with their reading. We are very proud of the hard work that they have put into each book that they take home. They are all taking the right steps towards becoming independent readers.


Sinead O’Rourke