Healthy eating in Seomra Chonn

On Monday the 11th of April, Seomra Chonn started a new class competition. This is not a competition for the child that is the best at writing, nor is it a competition for whoever makes the best effort in Gaeilge. This competition is a little bit different!

This is a competition to find out who the healthiest eater in the class is!

So about our competition. Children are awarded points for each piece of healthy food they bring to school, and yes they have to eat it! For example, one of the children was awarded 6 points on Monday for having an apple, a banana, a healthy sandwich, sliced peppers, some spinach and cheese. That was an excellent lunch. However, the rules of the game can be ruthless! If someone brings in food that is unhealthy or has an unhealthy drink then they can have points deducted. Seomra Chonn shows no mercy!!

Mr McCarthy and Ms Murphy have even gotten involved in the competition. Unfortunately, neither teacher gained enough points to win the competition on the first week! Both teachers need to up their game for the coming week!

The competition has two parts to it. Firstly, the children, Mr McCarthy and Ms Murphy compete against each other to see who can get the most points in a week. The winner gets a certificate on Fridays. Secondly, the class competes as a team to see if they can increase the total amount of points they get each week.

Over the past week and a half, Mr McCarthy has noticed a massive improvement in the lunches being eaten by the children. A little healthy competition is definitely no harm!

Mr McCarthy would like to thank the children for making such an amazing effort and making the competition so much fun. Also, a great deal of gratitude must be paid to the parents who have been making a huge effort to shop for healthy food and in turn make their children nutritious lunches. Everyone at Scoil Ghráinne would also like to encourage the parents of all the children to take note of how much healthy food they consume and give yourself some points for what you eat. But remember, you can lose points for treats too!!

Keep up the good work everyone, and remember that healthy habits begin at an early age and can continue for life.