Is it hot in here?

Seomra Chonn (Mr. Condon’s fourth class) have been looking at heat as part of Science this term. We discovered that heat can travel in three ways – conduction, convection and radiation.

We conducted a number of experiments to show each of the above. Conduction, for example, is when a hot object comes in contact with a cold object. The heat is transferred from the hot object to the colder one e.g. a coffee cup heating the table that it is sitting on.

Convection is the way in which hot air or hot water, rises. This is how hot air balloons work. We placed equal amounts of food dye in three glasses of water (one hot, one cold, and one at room temperature). We discovered that in the cold one, the dye simple sinks to the bottom. In hot glass the dye circulates around the glass from top to bottom.

Finally, we conducted an experiment to show radiation. Radiation is when heat travels through the air without touching an object e.g. like when you stand close to your radiators at home and you can feel the heat coming off them. We used two balloons, one filled with air and one filled with water. We placed them both near a candle (but not touching the candle!). As air heats faster than water the balloon full of air quickly popped. However, the balloon containing water didn’t pop as the water took longer to heat.