Phonics in Seomra Buí

The boys and girls in Seomra Buí have been really busy learning all their sounds! We learn two new sounds every week. This week we are learning u and l. When we are learning a new sound, first we listen to a story all about the sound and then we try to think words that start with our sound. Can you see the umbrella in the picture? Next we learn how to write the letter. We have special rhymes that help us to remember what to do. The rhyme for u is down, under the umbrella and draw the puddle.

PTDC0034    PTDC0035

Over the week, we practice writing our sounds and work together to play games. Here we are sorting our sounds using magnetic letters and matching pictures to their initial sounds.

PTDC0064    PTDC0055

PTDC0065    PTDC0059

PTDC0058 PTDC0057

Each sound has a song to go with it, and you can practice these at home by watching this video.