Poets in 6th Class

Mr. Byrne’s Class recently had a poetry competition for Anti-Bulling Week. There were some fantastic poems and here are a few samples:


The Bully!

There’s a bully in my school
and I don’t know what to do.
He always picks on me,
do you see it too?
He pushes and hurts me.
Calls me annoying and bad.
The reason is probably me,
I feel depressed and sad
I will stand to him,
so it will be the end,
and maybe one day 
we can also be friends!!!
By Rhea Thomas
My Bully My Demon  by Adna BadelMy dear bully, no one acknowledges my existence
You’re the only one that does by bullying me,
But let me tell you something, you can test my
You won’t break my barriers,
I’m way to persistentMy demon, your glass like eyes hunt me day and night
You’re a long sharp shadow that dwells in my brain
You’re never out of the picture,
You’re always in my sight
Your taunts are like spears that pierce my heart.

Dear bully, now let’s discuss your behaviour,
I’ll never let you win
I’m my own fighter and my own saviour.
So dear bully for your own good, you better STOP.

Help, by Gio Andrei de Guzman
I cry and cry,
But no one listens.
I fall and fall,
But no one helps.
Is what I would like to say,
If I did something.
But I did not ask for help,
I just sat there and welp.
But someone helped me,
I was finally free.
So don’t let any one be bullied,
Or you’re no better than the bully.

Poem by Siri

I stand in the playground all on my own
That’s when the bully comes and he’s not alone
Him and his friends their faces with glee
For they love creating nightmares for me

They kick, tease, hit and sneer
After that they just laugh and jeer
They don’t know how horrible I feel
But I know that my pain is real

Just then another boy came and rescued me
Now from the bullies I’ am free
The other boy stood up and put the bullying to an end
And now he is my very best friend