Senior Infants Seomra Corcra

It has been a very busy month in Seomra Corcra!

We had been busy practicing for our Winter Performance – Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We really hope you enjoyed our performance. We worked hard learning the songs and actions, and remembering to smile and be confident on stage. Have a look at some of our recount writing about our Winter Performance.

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We have been learning new sounds this year. These are sounds that have two letters but make one sound. These are called digraphs. The digraphs we have learned so far are – ai, oa, ie, ee, or, ng and oo. Look at some of our whiteboard work for the digraph ‘oo’.

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In ‘Goodness Me, Goodness You’, we have been looking at places that are special in our lives, and our families’ lives. These have included the mosque, our homes, different countries, the zoo, the swimming pool, and many more! We have discussed these together, and presented them to the class. Have a look at some of our work that we have done at home with our families.

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We are all excited for our Winter Holidays and wish everybody a safe and relaxing break!