Seomra Chonn Discover Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day!

In 4th Class, Seomra Chonn have been looking at the Roman Empire. The Romans were an ancient civilisation that ruled Europe for 500 years. We learned that we have the Roman’s to thank for a lot  things. Did you know the Romans invented roads, plumbing, newspapers and even concrete? We also looked at the Colosseum in Rome where the warriors, known as gladiators used to fight. The Collosseum was like a modern day football stadium except the Romans would sometimes fill it with water to recreate naval battles. Try doing that in the Aviva! Finally, we looked at the legend of Romulus and Remus, two bothers who were supposed to be the founders of Rome, and who were raised by a wolf! Sadly, Romulus and Remus fell out about the name of their city and Romulus killed Remus. Rome was named after Romulus and still bares his name today.