Seomra Corcra get ready for Science Week

This week we have been busy investigating things that float and things that sink. We are becoming good at predicting what will happen (will it float or sink?) before we try it out.

DSCF1152[1] DSCF1153[1]

When we tried to push an inflated balloon under the water it wouldn’t stay under the water when we let it go again. This push force is called upthrust and this is what helps to make objects float. The inflated ballooon floated because the upthrust from the water was stronger than the weight of the balloon.


Some of the objects we tested (like the scissors and the dice) sank straight away as the weight of them was stronger than the upthrust of the water


Does an orange float or sink?

The first time we put the orange in the bowl of water it floated on the surface, after you removed the peel, it sunk to the bottom!


The peel of the orange is full of tiny air pockets which help it float to the surface. Removing the peel (and all the air pockets) from the orange makes it sink!


Plasticine Boats

We even tried to make our own boats from plasticine.  This was very tricky! It’s very hard to make the boat, but we discovered that to make the boat float it should not have any holes and it should be hollow.


It’s fun investigating! After Ms Hillary showed us how we investigated on our own!