Seomra Mheibh Win Big!


The children in Seomra Mhéibh have always been noted for their great talent, a fact that has recently been proven yet again. The boys and girls in 2nd class designed and created a poster for the Road Safety Authority Competition to promote safe road usage. The children worked hard on their poster and submitted it to the competition just after Christmas. Then in March the school was notified that Seomra Mhéibh’s poster was in the running for the the final and to get through we had to get friends and family to ‘like’ our poster on the RSA facebook page. Thanks to the amazing families and friends of both the children in Seomra Mhéibh and Scoil Gráinne, the poster got through to the final in Dublin Castle.


On Tuesday the 3rd of May, the children came to school (despite the fact that it was a school holiday) and traipsed to Dublin Castle for the awards ceremony. While there the children were treated like royalty. They got cowboy hats and scarves, they got goodie-bags, they attended a magic show, they got balloon animals made, they got to do art and crafts, they got their lunch (and dessert) and then finally, they attended the awards ceremony.


Tensions were building throughout the entire ceremony but finally after a nail-biting wait, Seomra Mhéibh was announced as the overall winner of the national RSA competition! The children were amazed and delighted and ran to the stage to have their photo taken.

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Following the ceremony, the children were then taken to Dublin Zoo which was the perfect end to a perfect day! The children returned to the school that evening to a crowd of proud parents who clapped and cheered as the victors got off the bus.


The children’s poster won them a trophy (the first trophy to be awarded to Scoil Gráinne since its opening in 2008), an amazing trip to the zoo and a sum of money to be used for improving the school.

Thanks to the very helpful parents of Jakub Chlod, we also discovered that an article was written on the event and can be read on the following link:


The children had an amazing day and I must say that it would not have been possible only for the support of the Scoil Gráinne families and friends, the parents of the children in Seomra Mhéibh, Ms. Benville and Ms. Bailey (who volunteered to accompany the children on their trip) and Mrs. Gallagher and Mrs. McTigue who helped the kids get the poster ready in the first place. On behalf of both myself and all the children in Seomra Mhéibh I would like to say a massive thanks to everyone involved.


Ms. O’ Connor