Seomra Naoise chat with 3 Silver (from Dubai)

This month, the boys and girls from Seomra Naoise have been blogging with a class from Dubai on!  Their class name is 3 Silver and their teacher’s name is Ms Sophia.  We are really enjoying talking to them about their learning, life in Dubai and of course the differences between Ireland and Dubai!



3 Silver


So far we have learned lots!! These are some of the interesting points we have learned!!

  • The weather is so different compared to the weather here in Ireland.  At the moment it is (on average) about 24 degree celcius! They also said it hardly rains!
  • They are surrounded by desert and if they drive ten minutes, they often see camels!!
  • Most of the subjects they learn in school are the same as ours but they also learn Arabic and we learn Gaeilge!
  • Their weekend is Friday (because this is their main praying day) and Saturday. They go to school on Sunday!!
  • The children from 3 Silver call their teacher by her first name (Miss Sophia) but in Ireland we call out teachers by their surname!
  • The topic they are learning about at the moment is ‘Dinosaurs’.  We have also learned about dinosaurs this year


Take a look at their school  website

You can see where their school is located on this map:,55.437012,720m/data=!3m1!1e3.