Seomra Oisín (5th Class – Mr Garvey)

Rang a 5 (5th class) have been very excited coming back to school this September. We have already one month completed and we have been very busy. Many of our boys and girls have been taking part in the “Cumann na mBunscoil” Gaelic Football competitions recently and they have shown magnificent progress in all of their skills.

The whole of 5th class have been learning about the Islamic celebration of “Eid Al-Adha”. The Muslim children in our classes shared stories of how they celebrate “Eid” and the whole class has become aware of the customs and traditions celebrated by Muslims. We also enjoyed a party where food was shared and traditional clothing was shown.

Our class has also been very busy in all of our subjects. In Gaeilge (Irish), we have been playing games and having conversations in the language. In maths we have been revising addition and subtraction using big numbers, doing word problems and learning about shape and space. In English, we have completed our final drafts of our recount writing pieces and they are now hanging proudly in our classroom.

That’s all for now.

Slán 🙂

Seomra Oisín