January in Seomra Setanta


Happy New Year from Seomra Setanta!

We are now doing swimming lessons in the NAC every Tuesday. It is brilliant.

We’ve been learning lots about the 1916 Rising as this year it is the 100th year celebration 1916




We’ve been learning all about time and even made our own clocks.

In English we have been looking at procedural writing; creating instructions for games and sports and even looking at recipes.

Last term we did so well and got 3 tokens so we won a privilege. We made rice krispie buns!!

PTDC0142 PTDC0139

We made snowmen using old socks!!


We learned all about 3D shapes and made shapes using marshmallows and sticks.

PTDC0150 PTDC0147 PTDC0146 PTDC0152

An artist came in and we got to draw with markers on the floors.

PTDC0166 PTDC0165 PTDC0161 PTDC0156PTDC0155







We did projects on Ancient Greeks and wrote our names in Ancient Greek. It was really funny seeing our names in a different language.



That’s all from us. We hope you enjoyed your Christmas holidays 🙂