Sixth class – Seomra Rós

We have been having a blast so far in sixth class. We have been learning a lot about different topics. Such as Surrealism in Art, The Great Hunger in History, Fair Trade in Geography and Nutrition and Fitness in Science. In this blog we will fill you in on our Art lessons, our Science lessons and our History lessons.

As we already wrote, we have been doing Surrealism in Art. Surrealism is a type of art that uses your imagination, your dreams and your crazy ideas. It is a bit odd. We looked at the work of Salvador Dali and we created our own art, combining furniture and body parts.

In History, we learned all about The Great Hunger. It was a crucial time in Irish history. It began in 1845 and within a few years Ireland’s population had fallen by 2 million, due to death and emigration. The Great Hunger was caused by a potato blight and the lack of help from other countries. To make it more real for us we wrote our own diary entries to imagine we were alive at this time.

We also realised the importance of fitness and nutrition through our Science lessons. We learned all about a balanced diet and how it is important or us to be able to read our food labels. We also appreciate the positive impact exercise can have on our bodies and our minds. We encourage all the boys and girls to try their best with their healthy eating campaigns and their super troopers program.

We hope you enjoyed reading our blog and that you have learned all about our activities.