Wascally Wabbits!

Elmur Fudd might have said it, but as we found out in third class this week, he wasn’t far wrong. There’s certainly a lot more to rabbits than meets the eye!

As part of our English lessons, Seomra Aengus have been looking at reports on rabbits. Before we could begin our work, we needed to brainstorm everything we knew about rabbits. In our groups we recalled everything we knew. For example, we have two rabbits in our school, June and Mark. Some people in our class were able to tell us that a rabbit’s home is called a burrow.

Next, we learned that rabbits are herbivores. Rabbits don’t eat meat, but prefer to eat plants and grass. Unfortunately, many animals (who aren’t herbivores) hunt rabbits for food. Foxes and stoats prey on unsuspecting rabbits. These animals are called predators.

Finally, we read a report about rabbits, noting anything that we didn’t know before. We learned lots of fun facts. Did you know that baby rabbits are called kittens? Also, rabbits aren’t as fond as carrots as you might think. In fact, too many carrots can actually make them sick.

We hope you enjoyed reading our post and watch out for more posts from our class.

As a famous rabbit once said, ‘That’s All Folks!’.