Whether the weather be good . . .

In 4th class, Seomra Phóipín, we have been learning a great deal about weather and energy and the link between them. There have been many incidents latterly involving bad weather, including Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. Typhoon Haiyan was a category five storm which is the strongest storm on record. We discussed the effects of this weather on the people, animals and plants of the Philippine islands. We created posters to show the effects of the typhoon. We got some information from here.

We also discovered that the weather can be used to make music and inspire music. We created a graphic score, showing the sounds of various types of weather and then used this as our notes to create music using percussion instruments.

We have also been talking about how we can use the weather to make electricity. We discovered that we can use the wind, the sun and water to make electricity. These are called wind-power, solar power and hydro-electric power. We made posters to show some of the information we learned. Interesting pieces of information we found out are that space rockets have solar panels on the outside to power them in space and the windiest part of Europe is the UK and Ireland. Talking about electricity inspired us to create ‘Plasma Balls’ (They make static electricity). We used paint and straws to blow the paint around the page.

weather_music_art electricart