School Policies

Scoil Ghrainne school policies are created in conjuction with staff members and are tailored to suit the needs of our growing school. Our policies are working documents which will change with the changing needs of our school. We will post further policies as the school continues to grow and develop. Please feel free to read our policies by choosing a link below:

Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)
This document outlines the school’s policy on permitted usage of the internet. The policy applies to all internet users of CNS and all methods of internet access, including desktop computers, laptop computers, mobile telephony, tablets, personal digital assistants (PDA’s) and other devices capable of accessing the internet...
Administration of Medicines Policy
An Administration of Medication policy has been in existence in the school since October 2013. The policy was recently drafted through a collaborative school process and was ratified by the single manager on 29 October 2013. This policy is intended for internal use in the school and may be viewed by parents/guardians in the administration office or on school website...
Anti-Bullying Policy
This draft policy was formulated in May 2010 through the combined efforts of teachers, non-teaching staff, parents and the Board of Management.
Child Protection Policy
The Single Manager/Board if Management recognises that child protection welfare considerations permeate all aspects of school life and must be reflected in all the school’s policies, practices and activities.permeate all aspects of school life and must be reflected in all of the school’s policies, practices and activities. Accordingly, in accordance with the requirements of the Department of Education and Skills’ Child Protection Procedures for Primary and Post Primary Schools, the Board of Management/Single Manager of CNS has agreed the following child protection policy...
Child Safeguarding Statement
In accordance with the requirements of the Children First Act 2015, Children First: National Guidance for the Protection and Welfare of Children 2017, the Child Protection Procedures for Primary and Post Primary Schools 2017 and Tusla Guidance on the preparation of Child Safeguarding Statements, the Board of Management of Scoil Ghráinne CNS has agreed the Child Safeguarding Statement set out in this document
Child Safeguarding Risk Assessment
In accordance with section 11 of the Children First Act 2015 and with the requirement of Chapter 8 of the Child Protection Procedures for Primary and Post-Primary Schools 2017, the following is the Written Risk Assessment of Scoil Ghráinne Community National School
Code of Behaviour
The aim is to create an ordered and orderly environment in which pupils can, through developing self-discipline, feel secure and make progress in all aspects of their development.teachers, special needs assistants, ancillary staff and board of management/single manager work in partnership. Each individual is valued, encouraged and respected for their uniqueness and facilitated to reach their full potential in a positive atmosphere
Complaints Procedures for Parents
Safety, Health and Welfare Policy
Substance Abuse Policy
The world in which we live presents young people with many challenges, which affect their health and well-being. Exposure to alcohol, tobacco and drugs is part of this reality. Schools need to reflect upon how they might provide for the needs of their student cohort and respond appropriately to what are sometimes sensitive and emotive issues.
Website Management Policy
The CNS website and individual school websites will be hosted on the ETBI website with the proviso that the updating and management of the website for each school remains in the hands of the principal and/or website manager of each school.
Attendance Policy
This policy document was drawn up to ensure and maintain a high level of attendance at school by all pupils. Establishing good attendance habits from the very beginning of a child’s time at school is very important.
Scoil Ghráinne Enrolment Policy
This policy is set out in accordance with the provisions of the Education Act, 1998. The manager trusts that by so doing, parents will be assisted in relation to enrolment matters. Furthermore, the manager and the principal teacher will be happy to clarify any further matters arising from the policy.
COVID-19 Policy
Scoil Ghráinne CNS - COVID Response Plan